Pin It My name is Jennifer and I love quilting and all things fabric.  After a series of athletic injuries and surgeries, I needed a relatively safe hobby so I decided to try quilting.  As it turned out, I was one of those people who didn't discover the extent of my creativity until I picked out some fabrics, picked up a needle and some thread, and made my first quilt. From then on I was hooked and quilting has become a passion in my life. 

I believe in quilting without obligation; for the passion and the art rather than churning out a quilt-of-the-day.  I'm honest and opinionated and believe that anyone who wants to quilt, young or old, rich or poor, should have the opportunity to create and make a quilt. 
I enjoy machine piecing and quilting but my first love is to hand piece and hand quilt my quilts; it might take a little longer but the results are truly rewarding and most importantly handmade. I find it quite interesting to take more modern fabrics and work them in to traditional patterns. I love collaborating on custom quilts and I take a limited number of commissioned projects per year.
I have a wonderful and supportive husband, Steve and a fabulous 8 year old daughter, Chaney.  My daughter is smart, funny, and super creative.  She and I spend many hours together creating and crafting in my sewing studio.  My husband is my sewing machine "fixer", a creative second eye, occasional quilt baster, my best friend, and the one I fall in love with over and over.  We have two beagles, Buddy & Gus, who combined with the 8 year old, keep us on our toes all the time!
I work full time in the high pressure world of finance.  I'm a gymnastics mom and softball coach {& mom}to one athletic little girl and I have a date night with my husband once a week.  So what spare time I have left in the evenings and on weekends I escape and spend creating, piecing, quilting, and rolling around in my beloved fabric stash.


The nitty gritty... Copyright, Legalities & Tutorial Rules
All original material on this site is (c) 2009-2012 by Jennifer Jenkinson. All rights reserved.

The writings posted on this blog are my personal opinions. My writings only represent my views. They do not represent the views of my current or previous employers or my spouse's current or previous employers.

Exercise your common sense. Using needles and rotary cutters can be dangerous so use proper precautions even if it looks like I am not. I am not responsible for pricked fingers, sliced appendages or any other injuries sustained by using one of my patterns or tutorials.

Please give credit and link back to this blog any time my patterns, images, tutorials or words are used.

Changing a dimension or a detail of a pattern, quilt or tutorial does not make it yours to publish as your own. Feel free to be inspired and give credit where credit is due. When in doubt, just ask me. I won't bite!

You are welcome to make a small amount of product from my free tutorials and patterns to sell as long as proper credit is given, but please, no mass production. 

If you would like to teach a class using one of my tutorials or patterns please contact me first and I will be glad to assist you.
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