Thursday, January 17, 2013

No-slip fabric headband {tutorial}

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I see these cute headbands everywhere!  Chaney wore them for softball and I've probably spent a total of $75 on them for her because they don't slip in her fine hair.

When I workout I have two choices to control my curly mop... wear a hat or wear some sort of headband.  Hats are alright but sweat + something on your forehead can = a breakout even when you are 35.  The headbands I have bought in the store either slip or give me a giant headache. 

So I started looking at Chaney's last headband {the rest have disappeared UGH} and I realized that the non-slip material was nothing more than velveteen.  That's it!  Her headbands have always had cute ribbons on them but I don't have an abundance of ribbon but I do have an abundance of fabric... especially 2.5" strips of fabric.  I also have some velveteen fabric that I'm going to make some of these with... :)

I've made several of these now so I thought I'd share the my tutorial.  You can make them in varied widths but this tutorial gives you a wider band that measures approximately 1.5" wide.  The measurements I use here create a band that will fit Chaney {she's 9} and me.


Here's what you need:
15.5" x 1.5" velveteen ribbon { must be satin on the back of the ribbon}
15.5" x 2.5" fabric scrap
5" x 7/8" of woven elastic
15" x 1/2" of Steam-a-Seam2 {not necessary but really helpful!}
Thread that coordinates with your fabric {don't worry about it coordinating with the velveteen because the stitches pretty much disappear in the velvet}
Sewing machine

Here we go!


1.  Take your fabric strip and fold exactly in half {width wise}, wrong sides together as shown.  Press.


2.  Open your strip and use the pressed line you just made as a guide to fold both edges toward the center as shown.  This will encase your raw edges.  Press again.


3.  Apply your 15" of Steam-a-Seam2 to the back of your fabric strip as shown. 

Follow the instructions on the package for specifics on how to use the product.


4.  Fold both ends of your velveteen ribbon AND your fabric strip 1/2" in as shown.  This will encase the raw ends.


5.  Center your fabric strip on the satin side of your ribbon.  Press the fabric onto the satin side of the ribbon to activate the Steam-a-Seam2; this will help stabilize the band while you stitch the fabric to the ribbon.


6.  Stitch down both sides of the fabric to secure the fabric to the ribbon.  STOP about 1/4" before the ends so you can insert your elastic.

7.  Center your elastic in the opening between the fabric and ribbon at one end.  Start where you left off and stitch across to secure the elastic.  I stitched over this part several times to make sure the elastic will remain secure while wearing your headband.  Repeat this step on the other end of the band.

8.  Trim any stray threads and you're done.

Non-slip headband from fabric scraps. Tutorial tomorrow!

Enjoy!  These bands look adorable for casual wear with no slipping...

I should have worn one of these bands for this race.  100% humidity + my hair isn't a good look!

... they also tame my beastly curls when I run and I've never ended up with a headache.

Note:  These are hand washable.  I wash my bands in Woolite and let them air dry. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

You know you are a quilter...

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... turned runner when you Kwik-Klip your bib to your shirt.

Chaney and I made it through our first 5K on Saturday and if you want, you can read all about it over here.  We had a lot of fun!


I did manage to get some minimal sewing done after my freezing cold run on Sunday.  It's funny, I used to spend all weekend sewing with minimal exercise happening.  But this weekend I spent all weekend running with just a little bit of sewing mixed in.  What a change!


I made a few more scrappy trip around the world blocks.  These are addictive!  They are fun to make and I'm really enjoying the scrappy randomness.  Scrappy is a huge stretch for me but I think I'm doing an OK job of not trying to control every bit of the layout.  The only thing I'm being intentional about is having darker colors as the center diagonal of each block... beyond that it's anything goes.

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday {fitness}

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Chaney in action...

Don't worry, this isn't turning into a fitness blog!  But after my post on Tuesday, I've gotten a lot of questions about my cooking, running, the app I use, how I make time etc. so I thought I would take today to answer some of those questions. :)

These changes started back in September but then in October we really embraced this new lifestyle. During that time I had some health issues and what ended up being diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Even though the symptoms and tests were fairly conclusive I wasn't officially convinced that's what I had going on but either way I knew that I needed to reduce my stress levels, exercise more, and eat better. 

So when I realized last year that we needed to change the way we ate as a family I knew that fell largely on myself. I also felt a tad bit guilty because I hadn't been doing a very good job of setting a healthy tone in the kitchen for the rest of my family. It was up to me to start cooking more healthy and to also make sure we were making better food choices away from home i.e. lunches at work and school.

Now I work full time and so does Steve. Working had previously been my main excuse for not cooking very much. It's tough to work all day and then go home and make a healthy meal, eat dinner together as a family and then clean up the kitchen on top of all the other weekly activities like violin, judo, homework, etc.

That's where once a month/freezer cooking came up and I blogged all about that, including recipes, in this post.

Here's the time management part...

Now that school has started again, this week we have settled back into our weekday routine. I love routine. :) I had been running in the mornings but lately I've been waking up achy with a lead-like body. Some of that is probably because it's been cold in the mornings but I know that as the day progresses, my body feels better. Because I feel better in the evenings I've been running when I get home from work; something I never thought I would do.  If I do happen to workout in the morning I just have to make sure that I'm in bed before 10pm otherwise it's really hard to get up at 5am.

In the evening I get Chaney started on her homework/violin practice and because dinner is already basically done, I have time to run or workout. Steve is awesome and takes care of any side vegetables, etc and keeps Chaney on task while I'm working out. I take a shower and then by then it's time for dinner. Kitchen clean up is super easy and then I have the rest of the evening to spend with my family, read, sew, etc.

I really like this new routine!

Done!  Not too bad... now if it will just stop raining, I'll be able to get off the dreadmill and run outside.

What program am I using?

I'm using the 10K Runner app on my iPhone.  If you have heard of the Couch to 5K program, this one of very similar.  This app also has a 5K, 21K, and even a marathon plan.  I'm really enjoying this program because it eases you into running and for ultra-competitive, don't-listen-to-your-body people like me, it keeps you on a track so that you can minimize or even eliminate injuries as a beginning runner.

I'm running my first race in ten years tomorrow.  Chaney and I are running a 5K together!  She's been watching me and has been asking to start running too.  It really is true that our kids watch us closely and are influenced by our good {and bad} habits.  I'm also running a 10K in February and then I'm running the Portland Half marathon in May... which also happens to coincide with quilt market in Portland.  I love it when things just work out on their own!

I'm running 3 days a week right now and on the other days I do some sort of cross-training, yoga, or weight training.  I take one rest day a week.

How am I feeling since making these changes?

Much better!  I'm sleeping good {for the most part}, I've lost weight, my stress levels are under control, and while I still have days where I don't feel good, they are fewer than before.

Now I've always secretly rolled my eyes at people touting that you always have time for exercise, you just have to make time.  So now you can roll your eyes at me too... because it's true. ;)  

But to limit the eye rolling, I have a separate blog for all this running and such.  It's appropriately named That Girl Runs With Scissors and I think I'm very clever with that name! With this new obsession I've realized that a lot of quilters also like to run/workout so feel free to take a look at my other blog too. :)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday words {gone missing}

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About halfway done!  I pretty pleased with how it's turning out so far...

Remember this vintage quilt I was quilting?  It's now living with its new owner and they love it.  That makes me so happy!


It was full of beautiful vintage prints, calico fabrics, bed linens and even some random polyester.  Most of the fabrics had been washed so I decided to back it with a flat bed sheet as well. 

I went out and bought a nice, new sheet for the backing and went home to wash and dry it before basting.  No big deal, right?

So I bought a full sized sheet to back this vintage quilt. Steve and I have been looking for our queen sized Egyptian cotton flat sheet for 3 weeks. I just found it... on the back of this quilt.

So after I finished quilting it I began trimming the backing and batting to square the quilt up for binding.  As I trimmed one of the edges I noticed a label with 100% Egyptian cotton printed on it.

I did not buy an Egyptian cotton sheet for this quilt back. 

But we had been missing a flat sheet to one of our sheet sets.  Oh, dear.

I'm usually a little slow cleaning up these scraps after quilting because I'm always anxious to get to the binding part but this time I couldn't get those scraps cleaned up fast enough.  Destroy the evidence!

I told Instagram all about it and then I kept quiet... until we were out to dinner with Steve's family.  I quilted this quilt for a friend of Steve's aunt so the subject of the quilt came up over dinner and how much the new owner loved the quilt.  I figured this was as good of a time as any since I was surronded by family in a public place and I told the truth of where our missing sheet had gone.

Guess what one of my Christmas presents was??  Yep, new sheets.

Steve should have had them monogrammed...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

testing... testing...

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... is this thing on??

Hello!!  I've missed ya'll!

What the heck have I been up to??  Well I guess most of you have figured that I took a break.  It was an unintended but intentional break.

What does that mean?

I planned on taking a small break after Thanksgiving but then things got really busy at work, Chaney's birthday was December 13th, school was out, there were holiday parties, and of course lots of sewing and quilting happened.  I would sit down to blog but then it wouldn't happen because our home computer crashed or something else equally random would take my attention away.

I started stressing about not blogging but then I realized I didn't need to stress about yet another thing-to-do.  I was still plenty active on Instagram but if you weren't on Instagram then you wouldn't know that... so my apologies if I worried anyone.

So now to the fun stuff!  I've been sewing A LOT which is another break in my blogging; I couldn't show a lot of what I was working on because it wasn't mine to show or it was a gift. 


I had two quilts that I quilted for friends.  One was this beautiful full sized vintage quilt... with a funny story to follow about this one.

The other was a beautiful "plus" quilt with nautical fabrics.  I am going to make one of these quilts this year!

And then there were 4" churn dash blocks that you see up at the top of the post.  I made the blocks and framed them in embroidery hoops for two of my other quilting family members.  I wanted to keep these!


An Idea Pouch {pattern by Michelle Patterns}...


... a bookmark table runner {tutorial to follow}


... a Supernova quilt that I failed to finish. :(  I've never missed a deadline for a gift but I'm almost done with the quilting and I'm glad that I gifted the quilt top, took it back, and followed through with the quilting I had envisioned.

Last but not least, I got sucked into the Scrappy Trip-along that has taken over my Instagram feed.  It's a fun block to make and it is starting the new year off right by making a {small} dent in my stash.


In between all that sewing there was some reading by the fire...


... closet purging on New Year's eve and the following day because we are wild and crazy like that...


... ice skating...


... and some running.  Yep, you read that right!  I started running back in November and then I realized how much I missed it and I've been a tad obsessed.  More on that later too!

I hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday season!  School started back today so I am a happy girl officially back in her routine.  Let's make this a great year!

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