Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday words {gone missing}

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About halfway done!  I pretty pleased with how it's turning out so far...

Remember this vintage quilt I was quilting?  It's now living with its new owner and they love it.  That makes me so happy!


It was full of beautiful vintage prints, calico fabrics, bed linens and even some random polyester.  Most of the fabrics had been washed so I decided to back it with a flat bed sheet as well. 

I went out and bought a nice, new sheet for the backing and went home to wash and dry it before basting.  No big deal, right?

So I bought a full sized sheet to back this vintage quilt. Steve and I have been looking for our queen sized Egyptian cotton flat sheet for 3 weeks. I just found it... on the back of this quilt.

So after I finished quilting it I began trimming the backing and batting to square the quilt up for binding.  As I trimmed one of the edges I noticed a label with 100% Egyptian cotton printed on it.

I did not buy an Egyptian cotton sheet for this quilt back. 

But we had been missing a flat sheet to one of our sheet sets.  Oh, dear.

I'm usually a little slow cleaning up these scraps after quilting because I'm always anxious to get to the binding part but this time I couldn't get those scraps cleaned up fast enough.  Destroy the evidence!

I told Instagram all about it and then I kept quiet... until we were out to dinner with Steve's family.  I quilted this quilt for a friend of Steve's aunt so the subject of the quilt came up over dinner and how much the new owner loved the quilt.  I figured this was as good of a time as any since I was surronded by family in a public place and I told the truth of where our missing sheet had gone.

Guess what one of my Christmas presents was??  Yep, new sheets.

Steve should have had them monogrammed...


Becky said...

LOL! Too funny!

Artsy-Craftsy Ivy said...

ohmygod, that is the funniest story ever!!!

Bailey said...

I rarely comment, but that is too funny! I bought my husband new flannel sheets b/c I have plans for the old one.

suemac said...

Ok. That is one for the books.

Lynne said...

How funny! I'm sure the backing of the new quilt is much appreciated!

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, oops! I just had the opposite problem, plopped a sheet down as the back of a lap quilt for my dad, thinking I wouldn't have bought anything but cotton, and then found the label when trimming down - poly/cotton mix. Oh well, wonder where the cotton one I thought I bought went?!

Jenny Wren said...

I was thinking about sheets tonight as I made the kids beds. I bought them cotton sheets and they have shrunk so much it is a challenge to get them to fit.
Note to self - always prewash sheets for backings, but not with other laundry!
If the sewing room consumes sheets from the linen cupboard - where do all the missing socks go?

CitricSugar said...

Too funny! Yep, start marking all the good sheets. :-)

Sarah said...

Hehehe, ooh what a lovely smooth, high quality backing the quilt has!

Elsa said...

teehee ~ love a funny story.

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