Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Superior Thread giveaway!

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This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to all who entered!  If you did not win, I hope you will visit Superior Threads soon!

The type of thread used to piece and quilt is so important!

I typically piece with a neutral cotton thread like King Tut.  I'm also pretty boring and tend to use a similar thread for quilting.  There are only a few brands of thread that my machine likes so I stick with what I know.

So when I got the chance to try another line of thread courtesy of Superior Threads, I was excited to step out of my rut.

Aren't they beautiful?  The metallic thread is so pretty as topstitching.  Chaney calls it "sparkly" thread.

One of the first things that I learned as a new quilter is that thread matters. I also learned this the hard way through broken thread, bobbin bellybutton lint, and lots of swears.  So I'll admit, I was a tad bit skeptical of the metallic thread but my picky machine loved it.  My favorite part is that Superior Threads gives their suggestion on tension for each type of thread which = a lot less wasting of thread trying to figure out the tension.

Want some sparkly thread of your own?  How about a coordinating 1/2 yard of those adorable Pezzy prints??  Well to celebrate Leap Day, Superior Threads has generously offered three spools for me to giveaway to a lucky reader.  I'm throwing in the fabric because Pez makes everything more fun. :)

How do you win?  Leave one comment telling me about your current sewing/quilting project.  For a second entry, be a current follower or become a new follower of my blog and leave a second comment telling me that you are.

International entries are welcome.  This giveaway will end Thursday, March 1st at 8pm CST.  I will choose a winner via my own random number generator, Chaney.  I will announce the winner on Friday.

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Happy Leap day! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Serendipity {redux}

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 It always makes me smile to see one of my patterns made into a new quilt.  I love the blues and reds together!  It's so fun to see someone else's interpretation of a pattern.

And even better... a second one for charity from the extra blocks!  The white border with the red corners is a great idea and adds a lot to the quilt.

The quilts are made from my Serendipity pattern that you can find here and here.

Aren't quilt backs cute too?  Well done, Phoebe of Pixiecup Industries!

If you have made a quilt from one of my patterns or a project from one of my tutorials, I'd love to see some your work so I can blog all about you too!

Thanks for sharing your pictures with me, Phoebe!  You did a such a great job! :)  I hope ya'll will go visit her; she does wonderful work.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wonky {house}

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I mailed off my wonky houses for the block swap that Jane of Jane's Fabrics & Quilts is hosting.  I love my blocks!  They are BIG blocks {12.5"} which will make for a nice sized quilt.  I used up some of my Katie Jump Rope stash for the houses.  I think that the argyle looks like wonky windows. 

Oh, and I live in Argyle, TX.  How appropriate is that??  I crack myself up sometimes...

We had a wonky house around here this past weekend.  Ever have one of those weekends? You know... the kind with grand plans and then everything goes wonky?

Chaney has the flu.  Booooo!  She missed two birthday parties that she had been so looking forward to.  I felt so bad for her.  Fortunately we caught it early so she was able to get an anti-viral flu prescription.  But then that make her puke.  So now we are on our second medication and it seems to be working better so hopefully she will be able to go back to school tomorrow.

And then there's Steve.  Poor Steve.  He was looking forward to the NASCAR race at Daytona all weekend.  Daytona is like the Super Bowl of car racing; except that it's the first race of the season which seems backwards to me ..... insert NASCAR joke here. ;)

Me, I'm good.  No curly hair pictures to show because I pretty much had wild woman hair under a baseball cap all weekend.  I finally did get some sewing done yesterday when Chaney was feeling less clingy. 

So in keeping with my wonky weekend, I made my signature blocks wonky too.  They measure 6" and the wonkiness hides that fact that I could barely write straight after this weekend!  I've never done a block swap complete with signature blocks so I'm really excited to see what comes back. 

This is going to be a fun quilt to put together!

Friday, February 24, 2012

{Curly} Friday

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Frieda from the Peanuts

I never expected all the comments and emails about curly hair after this post!  I promise not to turn this blog into a hair blog... that would just be weird... but I do want to answer the questions I got.

The brand of gel in the first post is Jason.  The ingredients are all natural.  Here is the company's site.

It looks like you can purchase products here and carries a lot of the line too.  I found my gel and shampoo/conditioner at my local health food market.  If you are international, I'm sure there are stores and sites closer to you that sell this line too.

I follow the Curly Girl method which sounds very similar to some of the other comments on the previous post.  I put the gel in when my hair is wet.  I let it air dry while I'm fighting the lasers, wrangling the dogs and getting Chaney off to school each morning and then I use a blow dryer with a diffuser before I leave so that my hair is mostly dry when I get to work.  That's it!

I also got emails and comments from some that part of their hair was curly while the other part was straight.  Several years back when I wore my hair curly, I thought the same thing.  Then I found the Curly Girl method and once my hair was not so dry and I stopped being mean to it with the flat iron, everything got curlier.  The same thing is happening this time too.

And it's worth mentioning... Jason is not a sponsor here and the sites that I have mentioned today are not either.  No one gave me free stuff; I just like the products and wanted to share. :)

So those of you who offered some mojo in exchange for curly tips... it's time to pay up!  I will gladly accept all the mojo you can send my way.  There will be sewing this weekend!  Monday I'll be back to talking about quilting. 

Oh, and there will a Leap Day giveaway this coming week too!  It has something to do with thread... ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The lasers zapped my mojo...

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So, after conquering the lasers in the garage, things have pretty much continued to be ridiculous.  I have no pictures to share or anything fun.  I still don't have a side mirror and despite Steve's best efforts to cover the holes where the mirror should attach; my car now whistles as it drives. 


So to make myself feel the tiniest bit useful around here...  for those of you with naturally curly hair this is for you:

I have finally decided to embrace my curls and stop the madness of the flat iron.   The past two weeks have been awesome thanks to that gel you see up there.  So if you are a curly, this gel is the best I have ever tried.  And believe me, I know as I have a product graveyard underneath my sink. ;)  Plus, it's all natural.

And the second reason for quitting all the blow drying and flat ironing... my hair is falling out.  Now, I had a lot to begin with but it's enough to make me freak out.  To get my hair straight each morning I did a ton of pulling, brushing, twisting, and burning my hair into submission which certainly doesn't help when your hair is already falling out.  I've been reassured that it's probably just stress but I have a doctor's appointment to make sure my hormones aren't going nuts too.

There.  I feel like this post accomplished at least something and was somewhat helpful to the curly quilting population.  And maybe I'm not the only one who has had hair fall out for no good apparent reason either...

On another note, Steve is doing some traveling this week so I'm hoping I can sneak in some sewing time in between being a Tiger Mom which involves making Chaney practice her violin after completing two hours of math worksheets. 

I kid, I kid... ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The post about the "lasers"

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Am I the only who is running in a hamster ball?  Not a hamster wheel because that would mean that I'm going no where.  But yes, a hamster ball because I run everywhere but never without getting tossed around because I'm always going too fast and running into things.  Like giant green trash cans.

This post has nothing to do with quilting while having everything to do with quilting too. Confused? Me too.

Here was my Wednesday morning {all before 8 am}:

... get up... work out... take a shower... feed the dogs... keep Chaney on track so she won't wear a nightgown and jeans to school {she's really tried this}... make breakfast... pack lunches... explain again to Chaney why she can't take an entire bag of microwave popcorn for a snack... get in the car... back out of the garage... rip the side mirror off my car... stop to freak out... continue backing down the driveway... stop and run back in the house to get Chaney's violin that I asked her to get 3 times... sit in the carpool line... drive back home... call Steve and yell at him... dry & straighten my hair... apologize to Steve... get ready for work... wrestle the dogs into their crates... run my pantyhose in the process... change pantyhose... run late... drive to work with glass falling off my mirror with every bump... sit down at my desk sweating and try to start my day... school nurse calls, Chaney has no fever but is "sweaty and dizzy".  Me too... go back to class, kiddo.

Oh, and the garage door wouldn't close because I knocked the trash can into the sensor.  Steve's answer: re-align the sensor so the lasers match up.  What?  I don't know how to make lasers match.  I didn't even know we had lasers in our garage.

All I'm picturing is throwing baby powder in the air to reveal the laser but I know that doesn't work because I saw that Myth Busters episode.

He's at work and I can't even leave because I'm contemplating the properties of baby powder and lasers.

WTF!... which stands for what the fun, of course. 

Back to the quilting part of the post.  All I want to do is sew at some point this week.  However, I'm so tired and frazzled that I would probably sew myself to a quilt again.  Except this time I probably wouldn't mind because people would expect far less of me with a sewing machine attached to my sleeve. 

I'm choosing humor because it's messy to cry.  Sorry but no perfect pretty pictures today because well, it just hasn't been one of those perfect & pretty days!  I do have a nice post over here all about color though...

Like I said, WTF.  Please tell me I'm not the only one.

Color me this...

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It's color theory time over at Sew We Quilt today! 

I'm guest posting all about color and my process around choosing colors, fabric and design... pretty much all my favorite parts of quilting. :)

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