Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can't. Sleep.

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We had loud thunderstorms all night long that kept us up.  But that's really not why I couldn't sleep.

I told Steve this past weekend that I was really wanting to buy a new sewing machine so that's what I was saving my pattern money for.  I told him it would be pricey so it would be awhile.  I was hoping for sometime in the next few months and I definitely thought that "awhile" meant more than 48 hours!

I have a great Singer but as I've grown as a quilter, I've learned that it's not a true quilting sewing machine.  It's fast, it sews through layers with ease and it isn't temperamental in the least.  It's a good quality machine that I will still continue to use.

But it has a big downfall: the feed dogs don't drop.  It comes with a cover for them but that makes the space between the foot and the quilt very narrow.  Plus, the height of the presser foot isn't adjustable so I have to wrestle my quilts to free motion quilt them.  My favorite part of quilting is actually quilting a quilt so this has been a growing frustration over the past several years as I have wanted to branch out as a quilter.

I made my list of wants and I started doing some research yesterday.  I found the Juki 2000 Qi and it had almost my entire list of wants plus a few things that I didn't even think to want... like a knee lever.  And then I found A DEAL HERE that I couldn't pass up.  60% savings = hello, shopping cart!

The best part; after I placed my order I was reading a few blogs and saw that one of my favorites had just purchased a new machine too.  I was thrilled to read that she just bought the same machine and absolutely loves it so I was even more excited after reading a "real" review. :)

I will have my new machine in 3 or so days. I can't wait!!  I will admit, though, this is a big leap for me.  I've always loved the Singer brand so changing makes me a little nervous.

Do you have a Juki or have you sewn on one in the past?  And tips or suggestions?  If you have one, what kind of thread do you prefer??


Patti said...

I have that juki model.
You can drop the feed dogs.
It's the button next to the reverse lever.

Patti said...

Whoops -
I just reread it....
Your SINGER doesn't have dropping feeddogs!
so Sorry!
congrats on the juki

Brenda said...

I have the Juki 98QL and I love it. I bought it 18 months ago, and I'll pass on the advice another Juki owner gave me: dust it frequently and keep it oiled, and it will perform for you. I've had no issues at all with it. the knee lever is great and you're going to love the thread cutting button on the floor. It's wonderful for piecing. As for thread, I'm using Auriful cotton 50 wt for piecing, and 40 for quilting. anything with poly in it tends to lint more.

ktquilts said...

So wanting one! Where did you get it 60% off? Wowsers! I was trying to wait, but what a deal that is!!!!

In Awe of Applique said...

Congratulations on your new baby! I have heard great things about the juki's and have been admiring them on Ebay...but where oh where did you find one for 60%off?

Erin said...

Congrats! I also have a Singer and it's the tiny harp space. It is fine for baby quilts, but anything larger and it's quite a challenge

Aunt Marti said...

Jenn, you are gonna *love* your Juki. I got the same model for my birthday last October, I call her "Zippy." 'cuz she sews 1500 stitches per minute!

bernie said...

I have the Juki 98, knee lift, thread cutter, love it for FMQ. I use Superior So Fine and King Tut. Congratulations, you will love it.

ScissorsandThread said...

Wow how exciting and what a great deal!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

So excited for you! Can't wait to hear how you like it. I'm in the market and that is a crazy good deal!

Tabatha said...

I think you're going to be in sewing heaven when you start using this machine! I have the Juki F600 and it is awesome, the stitch quality rivals Bernina for sure. My only 2 complaints are that the thread cutter ceased to work after 6 months (common problem) and I find it super difficult to insert a needle. Is it just me?

Have fun, I look forward to reading your review. Mine is here: http://bendingpins.com/my-juki/

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I have a Juki 98QL, I just adore it!! and you will too!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I have a Juki 98Q and I adore it!! Best machine ever...I am excited for you!!

Vicki W said...

I have the Juki TL98E. I think it was the first in the series of the model you are look at. That machine is a DREAM. I've had it about 10 years, use it all the time and it has NEVER needed service. It's amazing workhorse. I have 5 sewing machines and if I were only allowed to keep on it would be this one.

suemac said...

Wow. I am still stuck with my Singer but am saving up money for a better machine. I will have to check out the Juki.

Anita said...

Awe, congrats to you! I just purchased a new machine too...but ended up with the Bernina 350QE...I needed to be able to use it for more than just quilting, so wanted to have the small arm area, just in case.

I looked at a Juki on that same site! I was considering the Juki HZL-F600 Exceed Series. I hope you enjoy your new machine! =)

sandra said...

Hi Jen, Congrats on the new Juki. I have an Elna which has a lot of same features I am sure and I love it. Have fun exploring it.

Jennie said...

Oh happy day for you! I've had the same machine since last may and nary a problem. Well, one teeny tiny stupid problem but a phone call fixed it.
It's fast, it can sew through ANYTHING I throw at it, it FMQs like a dream. Love the knee lift and thread cutter. It's solid!

CitricSugar said...

Congrats! I don't have a Juki but I do have a similar story. I wanted a new machine and was given a budget to pick one out as a Christmas gift. Then I stumbled upon a local store that was dropping sewing machines from their stock and had a huge sale. I ended up getting a much better machine than I could afford for even less than the low end of my budget. It was awesome and I love it.

I hope your adjustment to your new machine is quick and that the honeymoon never ends. :-)

iluvmybugs said...

Congrats on your new machine!

Cheryl said...

I also want this machine- where did you find the 60% off deal??

Carla G said...

Congratulations on your new machine!! I got a new machine (a Janome) just over a month ago. Hubby was tired of fixing my old inherited machine and saw this new one at a really good deal. So he told me to buy it. And it came with all the quilting feet that I wanted included for free. You will love sewing on a new machine!! :)

The Tulip Patch said...

I have a Juki TL98Q which I am pretty sure is the previous model to yours. I sit with my legs on the side of my chair when I quilt so the knee lever doesn't get used. I kept accidentally lifting the foot. I don't have a ton of space under the table to to get my shoulders the right height I have to move my legs over. Wishing I had better ergonomics but it is a family table and I can't alter it.

Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the thread cutter. Please tell me your model has that. It is worth the extra $100 or so.

I also adore the 1/4" foot that came with mine- perfect seams! The regular foot is super scant so I do a lot of my piecing with the 1/4" foot and only do stuff like HST where I sew on top of fabric and not at the edge with the regular foot. I am very happy for you. Don't throw out the singer because you will want a backup and you will want a zigzag stitch. To me your best bet is getting what you got for real quilting and getting a little machine that is affordable and portable for the decorative stitches. One warning: This is a much faster machine and it will take a little getting used to. Make SURE you screw your feet on well with the screwdriver- a hand tightening is not secure enough. At 1600 stitches a minute full blast, your foot will fly off and break your needle.

Kristie said...

Ack! Spill the beans on where you found the deal, immediately! I have been looking for a new machine, and all the comments I see here get me very excited. And the Ukranian/Scottish genes in me are vibrating at the thought of a good deal ;)

Cheryl said...

I found your link- I knew you wouldn't forget that!

Denise in PA said...

OMG, I absolutely adore my Juki TL98E. I mean, seriously, adore it. I have a Bernina Virtuosa 160 that I love, but lately, the Juki never leaves my sewing table. I love it for piecing as much as for quilting. You are going to be one happy girl!

Deb said...

Please let us know where you got it 60% off....Thanks!

EG said...

Ladies - there's a link in the post (the words "a deal") to the deal.

Vicki H said...

I have had the Juki 98QL for about 4 years and love it. I use Superior threads, and they are all great. I do piecing on my Bernina and quilting on the Juki. Great choice of a machine!

Zany Quilter said...

I own one and it is awesome!! So fast...and the knee lever is cool... Use the 1/4" foot...the right part of the foot sits stationary on the ground and the side on the left moves up and down. But it isn't called a 1/4" foot....something else. It will look like a split foot...try it because it is super awesome!!!

Andrea said...

I've got a 98q and LOVE it. It sews like a dream, quilts like a dream. I have the knee lever and never use it, as well as a foot pedal thread cutter which I always detach. I much prefer using the one on the machine better.
It's awesome. I use Aurifil with it but my machine also really likes serger thread (shh!)

Hands Sew Full said...

Congrats! I hope it arrives soon so you can get some sleep (as if!) We all know you will be sleepless and sewing when it comes in!!!

Stacy said...

I have the predecesor - Juki Q98-TL and I LOVE IT!
It runs like a dream and makes beautiful straight stitches!

I know you'll enjoy it for many years to come!

Elsa said...

Gosh, that's a great price!
I know someone who has the Juki and if I didn't have a newer Janome I'd be getting a Juki. I may even break down and get one anyway!

Crystal said...

Congratulations! I just bought this machine two weeks ago (from the same site too). I LOVE it! It makes beautiful stitches and it's so fast! I'm waiting for my order of 505 basting spray to come and then I'm going to try to FMQ on it...I bet it's going to be awesome with all that extra harp space!

My old machine was a tiny singer and I wasn't taking great care of it. But I'm determined to take care of my new Juki. The manual says to oil it every day, especially before you use it the first time or if you don't use it for a while. I almost missed that part.

I'll be stalking the comments to see what threads people recommend. I hope you love your new machine!

Quilter in the Gap said...

If you haven't ordered it yet, you might want to take a look at this: http://www.hsn.com/crafts-sewing/juki-exceed-f400-computerized-sewing-machine_p-6716159_xp.aspx

Kim said...

Oh that's great news! I've had a TL98Q for a few years. I have a Bernina and I love the Juki workhorse just as much. I've used both 60w thread for piecing and 40w for quilting with no issues. I'm sure you'll find yours to be versatile with different threads as well. As others mentioned, just oil it often, and you'll get many happy years of use :)

QuiltyGirl said...

I used to quilt with a 98TL, and I loved it! Yay, enjoy!

Madame Purl said...

I have the brother version of this machine and love it! It does one thing and does it really well.

NW Patchwork said...

Isn't it exciting to get a new machine? I just bought a Bernina about a month ago. You got a great deal!! Hope you have lots of fun with it.

Carla said...

I use a Juki on my Grace frame to quilt with. It's a great machine....have had it for bout 10 years. Sometimes, I use it as a backup for piecing if I'm having my Bernina cleaned or something. It doesn't "ride" quite as quiet but that's okay. I'm exited for you, Jennifer!

amandajean said...

i bet you love your juki! i love mine. it's a GREAT machine. so sturdy and solid and a true workhorse. it's worth every hard earned penny! quilting on it is a dream!

i use almost any kind of thread. but Connecting Threads has to be my favorite.

congrats on your new machine! so excited for you!

Teresa said...

Can I ask what Singer you have? I don't have the budget for a Juki or Bernina and was looking at the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. Thanks!

Angela said...

According to their website, Juki makes Singer XL150-6000 computer sewing and embroidery machines.

Tee said...

I have a question for Juki owners....I've been made aware that someone is getting their Juki TL98E ready to sell. Approximately what would be a decent and fair price to offer his machine? I can't find it anywhere online so that tells me they aren't making them anymore, but they are workhorses and I want to use it on my frame for FMQ....any thoughts?

VeeV said...

i have the juki tl 98

love it!!!! if there is a drawback....and it's a small one, it's that it only stitches straight stitches... otherwise.... a work horse!!!

i have a short tut on cleaning it

you'll enjoy it!!

marg said...

Please let me know if anyone likes the TL 2010q and the TL 2000Qi please contact me at mastrohome@yahoo.com

Joan Lowder, your Stampin Up creative coach said...

I have a Kenmore that sews very well but like you I'm wanting to branch out. Feed dogs don't drop, same issues as you with plate, presser foot. Paid $250. 5.5" neck

Decided I'd get the $2900 Janome Horizon 8900, 11" neck. Lots of bells and whistles and way more than I really wanted. paid for it but they had to get it from another store. While I could afford it, I found myself feeling sick over walking out the door with it and had a panic attack and ended up getting a refund. The jump made me way nervous. Now it comes with a super extension table but still.... a lot of money.

Now back to square one. Now considering a Juki Exceed 600 which I think has a neck opening of about 8.5" and is only and is under $1100. Watched several youtube videos (which I recommend) on this machine. It also does way more than on my list. The stitches are beautiful. It will also do that ???sachico stitch.

Choices and spending money are hard for me.

Looking for some direction.

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