Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday {words}

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... the Christmas Edition

Lest you think that my new blog header is completely off color well, there's a story behind the phrase.  And really, a little humor is always fun.  Right? :)

We laugh a lot in our home and the holidays are no exception.

For example, our headless shepherd.  I love this nativity set but there's one unfortunate shepherd who always seems to topple over.  Because he's been glued a million times all it takes is his annual fall and the poor guy is headless again.

And then there's the time when Chaney was 3 and decided to take advantage of the laundry being folded on the couch.  She got too quiet and then came to find me and show off how she decorated our Christmas tree with my um... unmentionables. 

No, there are NOT pictures of that.  Because I wasn't blogging back then.

Oh, and Elf on the Shelf!  Do ya'll do this?  We were a little late to the party and only started this tradition last year but it was an absolute blast.  He made his first appearance last night... a day early because apparently the other kids at school have already had their elves appear and Chaney was positive that he wasn't going to come back.

Lastly, Steve is That Guy... you know the one on every street who goes all out with lights, inflatables, etc. outside. 

It seems Chaney has become That Kid because this is what I came home to on Monday night.  The two of them went to Lowes unsupervised and are now both blaming each other for the outhouse on our lawn. 

It's pretty obvious that we are already in full swing yet I have also resolved to slow down, enjoy the true meaning of the season and of course laugh a little too...


Olivia said...

love the stories, your family is too cute. Especially laughed at the headless shepherd story

Beverly said...

Love the outhouse!

A.J. Dub. said...

LOL I want to come to your house for Christmas. Love the outhouse. :)

suemac said...

Love the outhouse! Your husband has a really good sense of humor. Your daughter seems headed in that direction too. Better watch out.

EG said...

Sounds like a blast!

Briawna said...

okay, i love the header. i literally laughed out loud when i saw it! i keep saying i'm going to do the elf thing and, like so many things, i lose steam right around day one. maybe i'll start tomorrow on the 1st and see how it goes. i know my kids would love it.

Sarah said...

omg! We have a Christmas prank that has been ongoing for about 8 years , it started with putting a Homer Simpson Santa in the neighbor's pristine victorian white lights yard. Each year something different is done, and they still don't know it's us doing it. You have just given us the best idea for this year's display. Thank you so much!

The Bell Family said...

I love the new name ;) Garrett is in aviation too so I have had the "Balls to the Wall" explained to me too! Love all your stories and pics! And I think I need to get an elf on the shelf!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the new header!

Kristie said...

LOL! Sounds like a riot. Love the outhouse!

Lynne said...

Laughter is great medecine (even when we're not ill). I tend to take life way too seriously so thanks for the chuckles!

Ginger said...

I love the outhouse!!! So so funny!!! I love me some potty humor!!! What a great family you are!!! You are creating wonderful memories for Chaney!!! Have a GREAT Christmas season!!!
Ginger in Abilene

Elsa said...

love that outhouse on the lawn ~ you and your family are too cute!

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Frankly it's just not Christmas until the balls are on the wall, right? And the tree. Love your outhouse and I really love the American tradition of decorating outside with lights. Of course lots of Aussies do too, but it's summer there and with daylight savings it isn't dark 'til 9pm, which is a bit late to be loading the kids into the car to drive around the neighbourhood. Plus, they just look better in the cold weather, especially with snow a la the Griswalds. Happy decorating!

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