Monday, August 8, 2011

One Happy Camper

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It was quite the weekend around our house.  Lots of packing... quilting... writing Chaney's name in everything... car decorating... and finally lots of driving.

We took Chaney to camp yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I thought.  We stopped to get ice cream before heading out of town and as I sat there watching her eat I looked at Steve and told him, "she's too little to go to camp, just look at her".  And then he told me not to project my anxiety onto her or anyone else... like him. ;)

The two hour car ride was good and I think it gave us all time to psyche ourselves up.  For us it meant being able to let her go.  For Chaney it meant that she was extremely hyper.  And for those of you who know her, hyper is not a typical description for such a mellow kid.

Packed away was all her stuff and the Happy Camper quilt.  It made me feel better to make it and send it and my hope is that she won't feel too far from home sleeping under it either.

It's my biggest finish to date.  I expected wrestling a twin under my home machine to be hard but it really wasn't difficult at all.  It's also my fastest finish... designed and basted on Thursday; quilted and bound on Saturday.  I added the hand quilting Sunday morning.

But what about the piecing-the-top step?  There wasn't one.  I cheated.  Big time.  The quilt top is a thrifted twin sheet and the quilt back is a thrifted sheet as well. 

The patchwork is one charm pack of Little Apples.

I "appliqued" the squares with a little basting spray and then free motion quilted over them.  I added some hand quilting in Perle cotton around them and I was done!

I love the binding.  It's from Riley Blake's Love Birds and it looks like it's made to coordinate with Aneela's Little Apples.  I love it when that happens.  To save time I also machine bound it using my tutorial.

The best part, Chaney loved it!

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Mommarock said...

That isn't cheating.. that is smart, and cute!! I love it!

miamihoney said...

Nope, not cheating. Amazingly cute and certainly doable makes it a WINNER! (channeling Charlie Sheen :)

Robin Correa said...

She's really lucky to have a mommy like you. The quilt is so charming just like your little girl!

foodmathquilts said...

How cute! Thanks for explaining how you achieved the look - and a very economical use of a single charm pack!


Superior Threads said...

What a wonderful post. That quilt is great. I'm going to remember that. Your story made me think of my adult "kids" when they were young. It's a bittersweet moment. snif! OK, I'm fine now.
Superior Threads

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Well done Mum, she'll be fine. And the quilt is fab - what a clever way to dress it up quickly.

Cristin said...

its a fabulous quilt!!! I cheated too when I made a banner quilt with the flags just zig-zag stitched on... NO PIECING! :-) I'm sure chaney will love sleeping under it at camp!

Lynne said...

Very clever indeed!

Live a Colorful Life said...

This is the cutest quilt! Chaney will have a great time. I hope you and Steve have a wonderful week as well!

Beverly said...

So cute... the quilt and Chaney! =) Hope you all enjoy the week in your own way.

Angie said...

It's beautiful! I love the idea of sending it to camp with her. I bet it's very comforting (and also something she'll get to brag about!). :)

Miss Holly said...

Absolutely not cheating!!!! Different methods produce different results..and I love the results!!! I adore appliqué and it really fits the quilt...beautiful job!! And beautiful little girl!

Jenniffier said...

Simply lovely!

SoSarahSews said...

I love those thrifted sheets! Great idea. I like the sporadic blocks. I will definitely be trying this somewhere down the road! And the binding is perfect!!!!

aneela said...

Eeeep Love your quilt! How did I miss that!!

Kris said...

Great idea! I love a quick finish and yet it's as darling as could be.
Kris @ novel ideas

Jennifer said...

That is such a clever design - and super cute too! I am sure it will help Chaney to not be too homesick at camp!

secret cake said...

Darling quilt! It's hard to say goodbye to our kiddos, even if it's just for a little while, huh? : )

Jen said...

I LOVE this one!! So those squares are just appliqued on there? So cute!! Love it!!

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