Thursday, August 18, 2011


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Has the rooster feather craze hit your area?  Chaney has been begging for some all summer long and I promised we would have a few put in her hair right before school.

See that color combination?  Red and aqua... she's definitely my kid!  They are actually really cute and I'm pretty sure that every second grade girl needs to be properly feathered before heading to school.

Chaney's biggest concern... not the feathers falling out but rather Buddy and Gus trying to hunt her head since they are "hunting" dogs.  However, other than chasing bunnies, they have never gone on any sort of hunting trip outside our back yard so I'm thinking her head and feathers are safe...

Meet the Teacher is tonight and she's got an awesome teacher.  This is going to be a great year!  Tomorrow I'll share Chaney's book bag that I made her...

PS: I'm still working on my email situation.  After conversing back and forth with Yahoo, I'm pretty sure both accounts are toast.  So now I'm trying to figure out the most painless way to merge everything over to new addresses... wish me luck!


Laura said...

Well, as long as that's not "tarred and feathered," Chaney's doing all right!

She's a cutie!

quiltzyx said...

Chaney's feather look great!

Sorry you've been having such an email hassle. I think Yahoo needs a few new dead chickens to shake over their email system - I've been hearing a lot of people having problems lately. :(

Live a Colorful Life said...

Chaney is completely adorable. Love the feathers. Did you ever read an article on how guys who make fishing lures for fly fishing are unhappy with the feather craze for the hair, because the stylists are taking the most desirable feathers. Interesting, huh?

suemac said...

So cute. I wonder if my granddaughters have gotten in on that craze.

Amy said...

Yes, the feather craze hit our town over the summer. My daughter hasn't asked for one yet but when she starts kindergarten in a week, she might!

Carla said...

I've been seeing these in hair and wondering about them...pretty stylish!! So sorry about the hacker. I got that email from you, but decided not to open it.....glad I went with my gut for once!

Kell said...

Chaney looks so cute! Sorry about the email. My dad's Yahoo account was hacked too. We think it all started when he opened an email from a friend who's account must have been hacked too. We didn't even know that it happened until my aunt emailed to let us know that she got an email from us for some sex stuff. He went into the help section and found an article about people getting hacked and it suggested changing your password. It's too bad that they never think or don't care about all the trouble & time lost that they cause doing something they know is wrong.

Lynne said...

I haven't seen that craze here - but then I don't know any young girls!

Good luck with the email situation!

Megan said...

They are everywhere!!! I've seen a few preschool age girls with them (and colored extensions too), which I think is hilarious. Maybe I'll change my mind when my DD hits that age, but I hope not. They look super cute on Chaney though!!! :)

Michell said...

I sent you an email last Sunday about mug rug swap and have just read you are having email problems....must be so annoying. I sent yours away a few weeks ago so hopefully getting it shortly. Hope you get the email issues sorted out soon. Chaneys hair looks neat. Miss 15 here had a braid done last year but had to be careful with hiding at school amongst her hair as it was a big no-no where she goes. Quite a few girls had it done as it was a craze.

Madame Samm said...

YOU sweetie..are just too cute for words....

Becky said...

We are headed bag to the salon this weekend to have feathers replaced. Ours were aquired in early July. They didn't last the 4 months as promised. Seemed to get really brittle with all the swimming and then hair washing. Mine is now asking for the big bird feather looking feathers. Not so please at the thought of that.

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