Monday, May 16, 2011


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I've decided that WTF must mean What The Fun!  Blogger decided to delete the original post in it's meltdown last week but here's the recap:

Steve:  Since when are you into embroidery?

Me:  Oh, I'm into embroidery.

Steve:  Oh, really?

Me:  Yep, big time.

Steve:  laughing and shaking his head... WTF, honey?

Of course he just said the letters but I'm pretty sure that WTF means What The Fun!  Which makes total sense because Steve is just ecstatic about me adding another craft skill to my repertoire. ;)

So anyways, I'm hooked on embroidery.  Big time.  If you saw me on Facebook this weekend, you saw me posting about my first try at embroidery.  BTW, someone commented saying "WTF" and I got a good laugh out of that!  It's so addicting... it's like drawing with needle and thread.  The flowers are just free-form in my attempt to learn some different stitches.  I did stitch another piece from a pattern that maybe I'll show later this week.

In other news, Steve and I went to the Ranger game yesterday.  It was a blast and they won.  The weather was perfect... almost too perfect because the tops of my knees got fried in the sun as it was covered up by the nice breeze.

And lastly, a housekeeping note regarding the PIF... if you are participating and haven't emailed me your mailing address please click the "email me" button on the right side of the blog and get me your address so I can forward it on to your partner.  Thanks!


Elsa said...

Thanks so much for reminding me about the PIF ~ I totally forgot ~ have so much going on lately that I can hardly remember my name (tee hee).
Love your embroidery. I used to do a lot of it and haven't done much lately. I have a couple of friends who are so good at it ~ I've got all the stuff to do it with, I'll have to give it a try again.
I'll send you my address right away! thanks again.

Carla said...

He sounds like my hubby! I can see why you love embroidery, cute stuff!

Laura said...

Very nice!

I just got back onto embroidery too after many years away. I can't draw to save my life with a pencil, but I agree - it's like drawing with needle and thread and apparently I can do that!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Just sent you my address - I love embroidery too! Adds a little something extra to your quilting!! Jenn

Kristie said...

Love the convo with the hubs. I have had a few like that around here ;)

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