Friday, May 6, 2011

Wanna PIF?

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Pay-it-forward... that is what this beautiful mug rug is!

Awhile back the lovely Marit hosted a PIF opportunity on her blog and I was one of the ones selected.  It's not everyday that I get a package from Norway so I was super excited when it arrived yesterday. 

Isn't it beautiful?!?

All my favorite colors...

And the quilting is just wonderful...

So now it's my turn!  I have 365 days to make 3 PIF's for three of ya'll who are willing to receive something handmade and then turn around and PIF in a handmade way again. 

I'll leave the comments open through the weekend so please comment to at least tell Marit what a great job she did and if you are interested in participating leave me a note telling me why.  I'll pick three and announce them on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Elisa said...

Marit did a beautiful job! I love the fact that it's not symmetrical and the colors are exciting (just in time for Memorial Day).

Yes, I'd like to play. Since the recession hit, I've been fascinated by the PIF stories. And, honestly, I'd like the chance to make some new friends. I don't have a huge blog following yet, but I might in 365 days :)

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely gift to receive, makes the day when something like this comes in the post.

I'd love to take part, I really enjoy sending my little packages off and seeing the happiness it brings to someone else

Jen said...

I'm the 1st commenter?? (maybe I don't be by the time I finish typing this since I'm so winded!) I hope that means maybe I'll be selected to participate! I saw one of these pay it forwards last year and was too scared to participate. I think it's because at the time I had a one year old, and just didn't know how much sewing I'd get in. But now,I wanna do it! I was just thinking the other day how I love making stuff to give away and thought about what I'm going to make for "May Giveaway Day" on Sew Mama Sew's blog. I think this would be perfect for me!

Plus the fact that to have something handmade by you for me would be absolutely awesome!! Pretty please,pick me!

Love what you got, too!

Linda said...

That is absolutley gorgeous!
Yes, I would like to participate because it would be my first time. I am always so busy making sample quilts, I never get to really make anything just for the fun of it!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

WOW! That is beautiful - she did do a great job! I love the quilting on too. I'd like to be considered to play! Jenn

Sew.What. said...

I love the polka dots on the back of that mug rug - what a fun choice!

I would love to participate. I'm new to the sewing world and even newer to the sewing blogging {mine used to be more of a mommy blog} and am trying really hard to get to know more people. I would love the chance to be a part of this PIF as a great way to mingle with the well known {that'd be you...} and get to know others like me. Please pick me!

Kerri @ Sew.What.

Betty said...

What a lovely thing to spread all over the world: PIF!
Norwegians have class (most of the nearly 5 million!) and this is beautifully made: Well done Marit!
Count me in, you can count on me!
But pick me first, please?
bettyvanos@likestohearfromyou dot com

suemac said...

Beautiful mug rug. I love the quilting. I would love to receive something in the mail. I would be happy to PIF with another handmade item.

Elsa said...

I'm in a pay it forward and it's been really fun to do. I'd love to receive something from you ~ however I see I'm the 9th person. Darn.
Have fun making your pay it forwards!

Beverly said...

That's really lovely. Great combination of colors and the back is wonderful!

I would love to participate in a PIF. I love making things for other people and trying to brighten their day. It would also challenge me to stretch myself and branch out into new kinds of projects.

Live a Colorful Life said...

How lovely to receive something from Marit. She is incredibly gifted and I always love seeing what she is up to.

Mark and I both completely adhere to the philosophy of PIF in many areas of our lives. Mark especially has mentored many many kids, high school through college, and he always tells them to PIF to someone else.

I would love to participate.

Kiera said...

I absolutely would love to participate. It's so much fun to send things to others and wait for their reactions!

The stitching on that mug rug is stunning! How nice!

Karenkay said...

What a lovely gift...Marit did a wonderful job!

Denise said...

I love stars and that mug rug in bold colors is beautiful.

I would love to participate in PIF. I especially love making something when I know it is a surprise for someone else, handmade just for them. PIF is such an easy way to brighten up someones day!

Amy said...

What a nice gift! It reminds me of "Starry Night."

Simply Sandy said...

What a beauty that mug rug is! I would love to play along with the PIF. Sounds like so much fun and the opportunity to meet new friends! :)

maryc said...

Marit-What an absolutely gorgeous mug rug. I was never much "into" m.r.'s until this one-beautiful.
Jennifer-I would love to participate. Just think, what a lovely way to send goodwill around the world-one artisan at a time....

Jeane said...

What a beautiful gift you received from Marit and she used my favorite color.
I would love to participate in the PIF. I have never been involved before and it would be a wonderful way of making new friends.

LindaSchiffer said...

What beautiful fabrics she chose - that blue makes my heart sing! :)

I've never done a PIF but I think I'd like to.

:) Linda

Victoria Paige @ Boutique Uniquely said...

That mug rug is beautiful! I'm participating with Hadley from Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle. I think it's a really cool opportunity and such a nice thing to do.

Have fun!

Angie said...

Wow - the mug rug is gorgeous!! I'd love to get in on this PIF....I love things like this!! One of our local radio stations has one called the "Drive Thru Difference" where you pay for the person behind you in the drive through. You should hear the stories that come out of it!! I'd love the opportunity to do something similar in blog-land. :)

Kathy H said...

What a beautiful mug rug. I keep looking for new ideas to make them and this star is wonderful. Great quilting on it too.

folksmith said...

I don't know what a Pay-It-Forward is but it looks like fun. I love the wacky star pattern and the colors are wonderful. I would also like to participate if i can figure out what I am suppose to do. Thanks!

Miss Holly said...

What a beautiful piece! I absolutely love the quilting especially the center....I may have to try that PIF and love quilting without obligation!! ...yea for you!!

mtnquiltr said...

I never saw much point to a mug rug, but after seeing this one, well, it just makes me smile,(the star and the beautiful colours) and that's a good way to enjoy something in a mug!
I'd like to be part of your PIF. It's fun to think of brightening someone's day with a little parcel. We can all value that extra little bit of sunshine, and if enough people PIF, it will be a much happier world!

Little Creatable said...

What an awesome idea! I LOVE IT! Count me in!

Beth said...

Oh, Jennifer, how lovely--both the idea, and the quilty goodness you received. I especially like the contrast between the angularity of the star and the polka dots.

I would love to participate in this because I just learned that someone I dearly love was diagnosed with end-stage cancer. I have spent the evening trying to find the right words to say to my friends, his children. I know there will be difficult days ahead, and many things I simply won't be able to make better. But I will be able to create something small and lovely and send it out into the world, to pass along some of the generosity and goodness I've received so often from fellow quilters.

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