Monday, April 25, 2011

Some Easter Sewing...

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We have a new baby in the family and I am having so much fun sewing for her! Have some extra quilt blocks laying around?  Here's what I did with a few of them... 

Add two quilt blocks, batting, bits of ribbon and leftover binding strips for the little tabs, quilt it and you have one very cute and reversible baby gift! 

I would love to tell you more about how I made it but apparently there is a very territorial company that makes a version of this {definitely not quilt blocks or quilted!} and enjoys suing people who make these and share how it's done.  Personally, I don't see what is so super secret but I'm just not in the mood to get sued. ;)

We had a wonderful Easter and I hope ya'll did too!

PS... thank you for all your thoughtful comments on my previous post.  I'm working on reading and responding to each one!

Edited to add:  Several of you have asked what this project is and that's a great question!  Steve said the exact same thing when I showed it to him. :) 

I'm trying to carefully avoid words that would cause said company to stumble upon me but here goes... it's a mini-quilt {not a blanket} made from two 12" x 12" quilt blocks and batting sandwiched together.  Instead of using binding, I stitched the ribbons and bits of fabric to the edges of one block and then sewed all the layers together and turned it right side out.

Babies love having something small to hold and the ribbons and fabric tabs give them different textures and things to grab onto with their cute little hands.  I won't be selling these but I do think it's a great way to use spare quilt blocks!


Poppyprint said...

This post came at just the right time - I have a new baby nephew and someone else already beat me to a quilt (big surprise, I'm so slow!), so this would be fun mini version to send him.

Karenkay said...

They are adorable!

martinmosaics said...

I'm past the "having babies" stage of life so I'm a little out of it when it comes to baby things. What are all the loops for? For the baby to play with?

Rachel said...

I love making those tag toys for babies. What a great idea to use orphan blocks!! I add some heat safe plastic in between the layers too to get that crinkle sound. (Or I add non-heat safe and tell the parents to wash in cold and don't put in the dryer :) Depends on what I have on hand.)


kayleighinstitches said...

They came out great :)

Elsa said...

love this design and keep meaning to make it. I've made a tag blanket before, but it was really simple. Just found out that my d-i-l's sister is having a baby, so I'll have to make one, thanks for the idea!

Regina said...

Eek! So cute and love that you're getting that baby on the right track ;) Just be prepared to share your fabric stash some day.

Tamara said...

lol on not wanting to be sued! they are adorable. We have 2 (and maybe another) grandbabies on the way... these are very cute and ill have to make a few with the extra blocks i have!

commonthreads said...

That's a great idea to do with extra blocks! I might have to do that with a few of mine.

QuiltyGirl said...

Haha, I have heard about the lawsuits too.
Super cute! (and you used the bike print from my fav line ever!!)

Effie said...

I have no idea what they are.. but then I'm way past the baby stage!
I'd love to know!

cjw said...

If it won't get you in trouble, could you explain what you made? Not how you made it, but what, exactly is it? I can't really tell from the picture.

Btw, I think there is MORE than enough room for "modern" and "traditional" quilters to co-exist. Isn't the point self expression?

Madame Samm said...

how delightful...I would do anything for a girl baby in our family...all boys...7 of them now... a her would be nice..this project is spot on..

randi---i have to say said...

cute baby goods! too bad you can't share the technique. so silly when companies assume they invented a technique or design.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Ack! that company makes me so mad! Seriously! They sew pieces of ribbon into the edges of some fabric and think they have invented the most original thing EVER. And like no one could figure out how to do it by looking at the picture. I can't even go to their site because it makes me too mad. Yours are ADORABLE by the way.

kendascrafts said...

Great idea! I have a whole box of leftoever squares that I never know what to do with. I also love your description of the TABS so you don't get sued. :-) Its ridiculous how territorial they are and how vague the patent is.

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