Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hubby's Quilt

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My Odyssea Tumbler quilt is done!  It's no longer mine; it's hubby's quilt.  It turned out beautifully.  I don't think there is one thing I would change about it. 

I love how the binding looks,

the backing is pieced and unique,

and the quilt crinkled up perfectly when I washed and dried it.

 My first quilt of 2010 is finished one day ahead of the end of January.  Not bad... :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stocking up!

Pin It So my Stash Busters challenge starts soon so I'm making some last minute purchases...

I just bought two charm packs of Oz by Sanae

And two charm packs of Make Life... by Sweetwater

from Green Fairy Quilts who BTW, has fabulous prices on Moda pre-cuts and really cute patterns as well.

They are both such bright and cheery fabric lines; a welcome sight in these dreary days of winter.  I don't know exactly what my plans are for these squares but I'm sure I will find a good use for them.  And to be honest, I am resisting the urge... so far... to make another tumbler quilt because I am in love with how my current tumbler quilt is turning out!

Oh, and don't forget to enter my giveaway!  You have until tomorrow at 5pm to enter...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Odyssea Quilt Top

Pin It Despite being really under the weather this weekend, I have accomplished a lot of sewing!  Here is my Odyssea Tumbler quilt top.  It's a nice lap size; approximately 45' x 58'.  I added an extra row to the length anticipating that hubby will be using this quilt. ;)

See those angled edges?  I'm actually really excited to do the binding on this quilt because it is going to be a new challenge...

And on another note, if you could, please keep my friend and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  Today is a very sad day for them.  They are such a sweet family and my heart is just breaking for them.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Pin It I have a theme running through my piecing and it is all about fish, mermaids, and deep sea life.  Unintentionally I cut the fabric for two quilts; one from Odyssea by MoMo; the other from Heather Ross' Mendocino line.

I have been hoarding the Mendocino fabric for quite some time and now that I have turned over a new quilting leaf, I am making some quilts for our home from fabrics that I love and want to always have around.  This quilt pattern is the traditional bow-tie pattern with some of the blocks turned to create a reef-like appearance which is quite fitting given the mermaids and sea creatures. :)  Once the fabric is cut, which is the most tedious part, the blocks come together quickly.

For the second quilt I am using the tumbler block pattern.  My husband really likes how this one is coming together.  Growing up in California on the beach has made him a lifetime admirer of the ocean so I'm guessing this quilt is probably going to be claimed by him.  This quilt is also coming together quickly.  The toughest part of piecing here is having to off-set the blocks just a tiny bit so when opened back up, the row is in a straight line.  I am not going to square off the borders so binding the uneven edges of the quilt will be a bit of a challenge but I really like the look of a tumbler quilt done this way.

Lastly, for another theme, I am participating in two challenges that both use fabrics from your stash only and/or use scraps.  I love, love new fabric so this is going to be hard for me.  But...I need to use up some of my scraps and make a dent in my stash because really, it's a bit out of control.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dear Jane... and more

Pin It So I got busy yesterday and drowned my sorrows in fabric.  :) 

I made a few more blocks from the Soiree fabric...

I made two Log Cabin blocks for a quilt I have been working on...

 I finished a scarf I started crocheting on New Year's Eve...

And I made another DJ block...

 This is block E-12, "Mary Ruth's Corset".  The name of this block fits the design well.  These were small pieces to work with.  I paper pieced the block but even the sections were small.

 Look how tiny those diamonds are! 

I love how this block turned out.  Actually, I love how all of today's blocks turned out... :)
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