Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 5 {Finishing your quilt top}

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Swell quilt top

Welcome to week 5!  It's time to finish our quilt top and get ready to quilt.  You should have your rows laid out how you plan to sew them together. {I know many of you have different number of rows so this tutorial is simply a guide.}

First, we need to stitch one row to another to form a two row block.  Pinning is very important to this step.

You want to line up the seams that connect your blocks together.  The wonky seams will not match!

When you place your row RST, the seams should "butt" up against each other.  Pin on each side of this seam.  The two pins at each seam should be enough to keep your rows together.  Don't worry about the ends of the rows lining up... it's much more important that your seams match as best as they can.

When sewing your rows, do not sew over the pins!  Slow down as you approach the first pin.  With your needle down, remove the first pin.  Sew to the next pin, leave the needle down and remove that pin as well.  Stitch to the next seam and repeat until you have your two rows stitched together.  Press this block of rows open and repeat this process until you have all your rows sewn together into blocks of two.

I find it much easier and more accurate to stitch your quilt top together in sections instead of row by row.

As you can see from my picture, I have 3 two row blocks and one single row.  To complete my top, I stitched 1 to 2; 3 to 4 and then step 5 was stitching the two completed sections together. 
Our next step is to prepare the backing and baste the quilt.  You want your quilt back and batting to be roughly 4" larger on every side that your quilt top.  The overage will allow for shifting as you quilt.  It's always better to have a little extra instead of not enough!

I want to give everyone a few days to finish their tops, the backing and to gather their supplies for basting so I am going to do a separate tutorial for basting.  You will need the following for basting:
  • quilt backing
  • batting
  • basting spray or large safety pins
  • masking tape
If you have any questions about this step or the supplies needed for basting, feel free to post here, email me, or ask in our Flickr group.  Thanks for quilting along... I am really impressed with how well everyone is doing!


Nedra said...

I came over from Jodi at Pleasant Home. So good to meet you! You are now on my sidebar and I look forward to getting to know you better. As I told Jodi, I admire your depth of character and reliance upon God as much as your quilts.

Karin said...

I just found you through Quiltstory and wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love your quilt! I'm going to hop on over to week 1 and pull out fabrics to make one too! You've done a beautiful job explaining everything for this tutorial! I can only imagine how much work went into all the details. My neice is beginning to quilt and I'm going to send her to you!

Quiltstory said...

Such a great quilt a lon Jennifer!! I plan on going back to week 1 in January when all the gift making madness is done. I really love how your quilt is turning out and I've seen others around in the process, they all look so great!

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

okay so I am finally just about caught up! I am sewing my rows together today. It's my first quilt and I'm really loving how it is turning out! Thanks so much for doing this...I may have ANOTHER new hobby! :-)

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