Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Joy of Essex {Linen}

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Do you ever have those days where you are disgruntled, irritable and just downright mad?  I had one of those on Saturday.  So despite my other quilting projects waiting in the wings, I started cutting fabric. 

Some Nicey Jane...

Some Moda 1974...

Some Hope Valley...

Even some of my Flea Market Fancy scraps... wow, I must have been really mad!

I needed a neutral solid so I grabbed the first thing I saw; my new Essex linen that I purchased from Sew Deerly Loved.  This fabric is amazing!  It is 55% cotton and 45% linen.  It cuts easily and it doesn't fray or shift when you are sewing and handling the fabric.  It adds the most interesting texture to the quilt too; it is soft yet sturdy.  I can't wait to see how it washes and dries when the quilt is finished!

Notice all the blues, greens, yellows, greys, etc?  Colors are so fascinating to me; especially how we are drawn to certain ones at certain times.  All the colors I grabbed this weekend were calming hues.  I put very little thought into the fabric choices, I just wanted some peace, quiet, and calm.  And I'm now happy to say that the colors worked {along with some marathon sewing and prayer} and I'm in a much better place. :)

PS: For those who got the joke in the title of this post, sorry... I couldn't resist!


Staci said...

Thank you so much for talking a bit about the Essex Linen. Been seeing so many quilters using it, and frankly, I've been rather leery of it! I was very concerned about fray and stretch. Now I'm ready to give it a go!

Glad your lovely new project helped you feel happier and calmer! Amazing how quilters are drawn to fabric in times of stress, isn't it?

live a colorful life said...

The post title? Uh, genius!

This will be a beautiful quilt. I hope you keep it and that it will be a calming influence every time you look at it...sometimes we just need something around like that to help us out.

megan said...

When stressed - cut! I always find myself starting new projects when I'm frazzled. Maybe the rotary blade is a good decompresser. I bought some Essex awhile back but I haven't used it yet. It looks lovely in your new design!

Mari said...

I was just looking at my flickr photos and noticed how the same colors where repeating. Funny how that works!

Linda said...

I love the pattern! That will be a very nice quilt.
Isn't it wonderful when the things we enjoy doing also serve to calm our bad moods!

Madame Samm said...

Jen, MAD suits you..maybe you should be hoping for more of those days?? lol..This reminds me of the 80's you may not remember way back may of been too little..but linen was all the rage, those colours too, were the you modernizing it...( is that even a word) well today it have made it truly unique..and UNIQUE is what I I like it..there you have it..
blessings msamm

Rachel Hauser said...

Wow, that's a very productive mad! I agree that Essex is so easy to work with, but I just can't get over the beauty of straight linen. I need to try the putty version of Essex, though. Maybe it'll suit me better.

elle said...

What a cool pattern! Luv the colours, and yes, calming. I start new stuff when I'm :( !

Rachel said...

Great color combo. Love it!

Carla said...

Great block, great colors, great title, great job, my friend!

Summer :) said...

Sounds like a great use of quilting as therapy! :) My favorite! :) That quilt is beautfiul! :) What is this pattern called? Hope you're feeling better! :)

Thimbleanna said...

You are a naughty girl....and we like it LOL. Love that quilt -- very pretty!

Katie @ Sew Many Mamas said...

LOVE the pattern! (and the colors!) Glad you had "a moment" : )

Bellgirl said...

So _this_ is Essex Linen! Thanks for the post about it. I laughed when I read madame Samm's comment- it reminded me of Don Johnson's wrinkly linen suits on Miami Vice ;)

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