Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A New Quilt!

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This quilt is already in the hands of its new owners, soon to welcome a baby boy into the world. I love how the quilt turned out. I followed the lines of the quilt when I quilted it and I am really happy with how the quilting doesn't take away from the overall design of the quilt. I did a pieced back, which was a first for me and even my hubby commented on how cool the back looked :)

The pattern is from Cherry House Quilts and it was fun to learn a new technique to make the circles. The pattern was easy to understand and follow and it makes a truly modern and unique quilt!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Do Too...

Pin It It's been a busy week! I was able to catch up and sew off and on all weekend and I'm ready to start quilting this very cool baby quilt tomorrow. It is turning out so cute and I can't wait to have it finished and delivered.

Here's a sneak peak...

It's at the opposite end of the spectrum from the traditional Dear Jane blocks but it has been a really fun departure!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Triangle

Pin It So I started out my Dear Jane planning on piecing the 225 blocks first. Well... after looking at the triangles that make up the border and seeing some finished ones; I couldn't resist making one or a few. :)

This is RS4, "Dutch Apron". It was fairly quick to piece and I really like how it turned out. The fabric is one of my favorite Civil War fabrics with the cotton blossoms on it. I paper-pieced this triangle into two main pieces. It's always fun figuring out the best way to piece each block...

Friday, November 13, 2009


Pin It So I am officially protesting. We don't have much of a fall season here. Maybe a week or so but I don't see the gorgeous fall foliage here like I see in other parts of the country. People like me who live in Texas go to Massachusetts to see real fall leaves... I took this picture in Boston in one of their many famous cemeteries.

Back to the protest, what little fall we do have is essentially skipped because retailers go straight from Halloween to Christmas. I happen to like Thanksgiving. It has a lot more meaning to me than Halloween ever will. A holiday devoted to being thankful? A novel concept that falls in between demands for candy and then demands for gifts. *And please note that I am being fairly sarcastic*

So I am celebrating Thanksgiving even if our leaves and retailers won't cooperate. Today, I am exceedingly thankful for my family's health. Despite our run in with strep, H1N1 and then hives this past month, we are a healthy and happy family. I know so many who have serious illnesses that they are dealing with personally or in their own families. So for our health, I am thankful. :)

Here is another happy little family. I made these and I refer to them as 'The Partridge Family"...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Coolest...

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I'm making what I consider to be the coolest baby quilt ever. I'm using this pattern from Cherry House Quilts and so far it has been a fun pattern to work with. Here's a sneak peak at the fabrics for this quilt and the first block that has been reverse appliqued.

Coincidentally, my daughter is the coolest kid at school today (according to her). I am off work today but she still had school. She has been begging to ride her bike to school but there is just no way, ever, that she is going to do that on her own. So today she and I rode bikes to school. She has only been riding her bike without training wheels for a few months so I wanted to allow plenty of time to get there this morning. It ended up being a ten minute ride so we were at school pretty early. We went and sat at the edge of the playground and she crawled up in my lap and we looked at pictures on my iPhone. As other kids started to arrive, I wondered if she was going to get out of my lap. But she didn't. And that made me smile because for just a moment, I felt like the coolest mom. :)

And last but not least, my husband and all of the other veterans we celebrate today are the coolest. Our country is what is it today because of the men and women who have served and are serving. So as thankful as I am for a quiet day to sew, I am even more thankful for the sacrifices our veterans have made. So here's a big kiss for my veteran husband and a big thank you for all of our veterans!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Space of my own!

Pin It My sweet husband spent the better part of a day this weekend moving me into my very own space. I now have an entire room for quilting, sewing, crafting, etc... I have so much room now that there are even empty spaces just waiting to be filled!

I can even watch TV or a movie while I work.

This has been an exciting weekend. We also have a new member of our family. His name is Gus. I went to the animal shelter on Friday with a friend to help her look for a dog. When I realized that there were two Beagles there, I called my husband to warn him. We have had Buddy the Beagle since he was a puppy. He's two now and is pretty much out of the "puppy phase". So why not add some more fun to the mix??

Meet Gus. He is so sweet! He thinks he is a lap dog and he follows me wherever I go. He and Buddy are fast friends already and he has had a calming effect on Buddy which is an added benefit! I could not resist adopting him from the moment I met him. He was in a kill shelter which is beyond sad for me to even think about. BTW, the other Beagle was also adopted on Friday... They both had 3 days left.

So we are all getting settled in to our new spaces. Gus into our home, me into my sewing room, Buddy is sharing his space, our 5 year old is crazy about having two dogs to love, and as much as my husband rolled his eyes about me bringing home a dog, he loves having two Beagle boys around.

Here is my one tiny soap box moment... if you are thinking about getting a dog for Christmas, please consider adopting a dog. There are so many sweet, previously trained, loving and even housebroken dogs that need homes. Puppies are hard work and I would imagine that a lot of Christmas puppies end up in shelters because they chew up one too many shoes. Gus came to the shelter because his owners lost their home and could not take him with them. He was well cared for, his owners just fell on hard times like a lot of people these days. He wasn't a problem dog; he just lost his space. He has become another bright spot in our home and I'm sure there a lot more dogs out there just like him. :)

Stepping off my soapbox so I can go sew in my new room...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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I thought this block was unique and I decided to jump right in and piece it. I paper-pieced it, put the block together, stitched 4 more set in seams and then I realized that two triangles were missing. Hmmmm... Apparently it was time for me to learn how to applique.

One of my reasons for making this quilt was because I would be able to learn new techniques, like applique, and I wanted to stretch myself. I used the freezer paper method and it was actually pretty easy. I guess I didn't have so much to fear after all. ;) The small triangles were a bit tricky but I'm pretty proud that the block turned out and is presentable for internet viewing!

Block H-2, "Jacob Anthony"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Be very afraid...

Pin It No, that isn't the name of this block but I'm thinking that it might need to be.

Set in seams. Tiny pieces. 4.5" block.

I sat down to cut the templates and paper-piecing patterns out and thought that this was going to be a fairly easy block; only 15 pieces. That was before I thought the piecing all the way through and realized that there were set in seams. Now, I've made an entire quilt, a tumbling blocks quilt, that was nothing but set in seams but those blocks were bigger!

I'm proud to say that I am pleased with the results even if there were a few times where I had to rip out a seam and start over.

P.S. The real name of this block is block E-4, "Buffalo Tree Hopper".
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